NLK Plumbing are your experts in a wide range of plumbing areas including:

  • Residential works such as new homes, units and developments
  • Renovations including bathroom, kitchen, and laundry
  • All general domestic, residential and commercial plumbing maintenance
  • Repair, supply and installation of gas, solar, and electric cold and hotwater systems
  • Blocked drains services
  • LPG and natural gas repairs, supply and installation
  • Cleaning, repairs, supply and installations of guttering and downpipes

Don’t continue to be frustrated by blocked drains

A blocked drain might seem like just a slight inconvenience, however, they can cause permanent damage to your home if you don’t take action sooner. Blockages may cause a wide range of problems including gross smells and unpleasant things remaining in sinks, pipes, drains, and grates. Blockages can occur when tree roots, leaves, grease, hair, grime, and other kinds of foreign objects enter your drains, causing them to clog. Unfortunately, if blocked drains continue to build up, they will crack pipes, and rot parts of your home or building. Before blocked drains start to cause havoc at your property, call the dedicated team at NLK Plumbing.

Say hello to expert hotwater system repairs

Hotwater systems are expensive to replace, and so when they stop working to full capacity, most people dread having to purchase a new one. What you might not realise is that there might be a simple service or repair needed, to have it back up and running properly. Let one of our highly experienced plumbers take a look at it first. If we can’t repair it so it’s as good as new, we can sit down with you and look at the wide range of alternatives. By evaluating your needs, you can make a decision on the best hot water system, and you never know, you may even save money on your monthly bills. To talk to NLK about all your hotwater system needs, call us today on 0404 803 333 or Contact NLK Western Plumber.

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