Trust the residential plumber experts in Altona

NLK Plumbing is the number one company for smart homeowners who plan ahead. While we do complete commercial and at times industrial projects, residential work is our forte. There is absolutely no residential plumbing problem that can stump our intelligent team of experienced plumber Altona. If you think that you have the mother of all plumbing problems, then you will want to put your home and possessions in the safe hands of the best in the business. This family owned business enjoys a strong reputation supported by our ongoing exceptional customer service.

Take the pressure off your emergency plumbing situation

Breathe a deep sigh of relief in an emergency situation with the help of our talented emergency plumber team in Altona. It is easy for the panic to set in when you hear that gushing water, or walk to the kitchen in the middle of the night to find your feet are soaking wet. Luckily, that panic will start to fade when you remember that you know and trust the services of NLK Plumbing. Once you have used our service once, we know that you will agree our work is top notch, both with the quality of our repairs as well as the friendly service we deliver.

You’ll be amazed at what we can do with blocked drains in Altona

The exceptional work of our plumbers needs to be seen to be believed. Whether your drain is clogged with hair, oil or something more solid, we will have it cleared in no time at all. Blocked drains can bring with them all sorts of nasty symptoms, including foul smells and unsettling gurgling noises. Sort out het root cause and these other problems will go away too. Better yet, our service will also include advice on how to prevent blocked drains form recurring. We can give you some general tips as well as things specific to your lifestyle that will help keep your drains clear.

Allow us to complete efficient and affordable hotwater repairs in Altona

Problems with your hotwater system can be a nuisance. Perhaps you have noticed a general decline in the performance of your system over many years, and now it is finally time to invest in a brand new, energy efficient model. This is a wise decision, and we can help you with all the details to identify the best system for your usage and budget. Are you trying to decide between gas, electric and solar? These are the types of choices that you will need to be certain about if you are to get a good deal that will last you for many years.

We look forward to receiving your call and offering advice tailored for your specific situation. Our residential plumber Altona are ready to travel to your home and get started on your plumbing job. Should you have any non-residential issues, call 0404 803 333 or NLK Western Plumber and then our multi-talented team can also work across your commercial and larger scale jobs, as well as ongoing renovation and extension plumbing.

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